Care Plus First Aid Kit Walker
  • Model: 38362]
  • Manufactured by: Care Plus

Care Plus First Aid Kit Walker

The importance of a First Aid kit may not be underestimated. An accident may always be around the corner, whether it is on your travels, in and around your house, or during an outdoor sport. Because of this it is very important to have a First Aid kit nearby. In a humid climate in the (sub) tropics in particular, the wounds will get infected quickly. A small wound can have awful consequences and therefore good care of the wound is always necessary.

As extra, nearly all Care Plus First Aid Kits (all except the Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic, because of the weight and price) include the “Care Plus First Aid Guide”. This 40-page guide contains valuable First Aid information and tips from medical professionals, written by R. Hulseboch. The booklet describes specific medical situations, how to deal with them and which First Aid articles from the kit are to be used to treat the victim. A few examples of situations explained in the guide: basic First Aid rules, the Heimlich manoeuvre and Rautek grip, reanimation, how to treat a wound and with which bandage, etc. On the back of the packaging of our First Aid Kits, you will find a four-language list of the contents in words and images. The bags of our First Aid Kits also provide space for your own items, such as medication.

This kit is ideal for Nordic walkers, trekkers and enthusiasts of the outdoor life. The choice of items in this kit focuses especially on the prevention and care of foot injuries. These activities involve a serious risk of blisters. Effective treatment is essential in order to prevent blisters becoming painful and infected. First Aid Kit Walker was specially designed for this purpose and contains essential items such as for example Care Plus® camphor spray with preventive action that strengthens the skin and foot powder to prevent blisters.

The kit also includes sports bandages to treat blisters. The special Care Plus® Blister Treatment Booklet contains specific information about how you should care for blisters.

Care Plus First Aid Guide

5 Sterile gauze swabs 5 x 5 cm
1 Support bandage 7.5 cm x 4.5 m
4 Adhesive wound dressing 19 x 38 mm
4 Adhesive wound dressing 25 x 72 mm
5 Blister dressing 5 x 5 cm
1 Sport tape 2.5 cm x 10 m
5 Blood lancet
8 Alcohol wipes
1 Camphor spray
1 Foot powder
1 Cotton Balls 5`s
1 Blister treatment booklet
Dimensions: 95 x 60 x 140 mm
Weight: 600 grams